Tour of Lijiang Ancient Town



Lijiang Ancient Town, located in Lijiang City, Yunnan Province, is a well-preserved ancient town with a long history and unique culture. The following is a tour guide for Lijiang Ancient Town:

1. Sights to visit:

• Black Dragon Pool: A beautiful park with clear water, ancient buildings, and beautiful scenery.

• Mufu: The former residence of the chieftain of the Naxi ethnic group, with magnificent buildings and rich cultural heritage.

• Sifang Street: The center of Lijiang Ancient Town, with many shops, restaurants, and cafes.

• Dayan Ancient Town: A large ancient town with narrow streets, ancient buildings, and traditional Naxi culture.

2. Things to do:

• Walk around the ancient town and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

• Taste local delicacies, such as Lijiang粑粑 and Naxi barbecue.

• Buy some souvenirs, such as Naxi handicrafts and local specialties.

• Participate in traditional Naxi cultural activities, such as singing and dancing.

3. Transportation:

• You can take a plane or train to Lijiang City, and then take a bus or taxi to Lijiang Ancient Town.

• In the ancient town, you can walk or take a horse-drawn carriage.

4. Precautions:

• Pay attention to protecting the environment and do not litter.

• Respect local customs and traditions.

• Be careful when shopping and avoid being overcharged.

• Pay attention to personal and property safety.

Overall, Lijiang Ancient Town is a very beautiful and charming place. I hope you have a pleasant trip!


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